Public Owned Housing Program (POHP)

Finn Daniels Architects has a proven track record in assisting Housing Redevelopment Authorities (HRA’s) in their efforts to obtain government project funding by working with them closely in the POHP Grant Application process. We have partnered with a number of HRA’s throughout the state of Minnesota in helping define specific needs and preparing the appropriate documents required as part of the application process.

Pre-funding Services (Application Process):

  • Site survey and investigation of existing conditions.
  • Photo documentation of building deficiencies for POHP application.
  • Provide a field report and analysis of the current conditions with select photos for submission of the grant application.
  • Participate in the required “Pre-Application” conference call with MHFA as the HRA’s representative.
  • Provide Preliminary Cost estimating to determine potential construction costs with contingency.
  • Participate in coordination meetings as necessary prior to MHFA selection of project for funding.
  • Assist with planning and preparation for a POHP grant application and subsequent submission by the HRA.

Post-funding Services (Work under the POHP):

  • Schematic Phase
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents and Specifications
  • Bid Phase Services
  • Construction Observation Services
  • Warranty Inspection