Preston Jones



Pursuing Bachelor of Architecture – Dunwoody College of Technology

Associates of Applied Science: Architectural Drafting & Design – Dunwoody College of Technology

Within the short time that he has been with Finn Daniels Architects, Preston has assisted with a variety of different projects. Jumping straight out of high school and into the design & construction industry, he has shown his technical and creative skills through his work and character. With his knowledge of building codes, practicality, construction process, design development, and construction documents, he has been a great addition to the team.

As he spends more time in the field, he further develops his existing teamwork, organizational, time management, and creative skills within the workplace. His hard work and interest in growth has helped his team prosper and helped clients expect quality work in a timely manner.

Growing up, Preston always showed his creativity through his design and construction of large puzzles and LEGO. Designing and building things to see how people react is what gives him his main inspiration within the architecture industry. In his spare time, he loves going outdoors: fishing, hiking, and boating in the summer and snowboarding during the winter season.