Marco Salazar



currently pursuing his Bachelor of Architecture –
Dunwoody College of Technology
Associate of Architecture Technology –
Minneapolis Community College of Technology

Community Service

Memorial Blood Center - Donator

Marco is a kind and thoughtful individual, adding his talents to the Finn Daniels team while pursuing his Bachelor of Architecture degree. He took interest in architecture at a young age and has cultivated his interest since. His ability to listen to everyone compliments his desire to create for others.

Currently at Finn Daniels, Marco has worked on various projects ranging from public housing/HRA to retail. These projects have had him involved in using different types of software, ranging from AutoCAD to Revit to Sketch-up. His ability to provide clients with a three-dimensional view into their proposed projects has been an extremely valuable tool.

In his free time, Marco likes to work on home improvement projects. Whether it’s remodeling his basement or installing new flooring, being able to plan, create and finalize a project keeps him busy as well as entertained. If he isn’t doing home improvement projects, he’s out taking pictures with his digital or film camera in new locations around the city. Marco loves exploring and traveling to new places as well as capturing memories along the way. He believes that pictures tell stories words could never describe.