Jim Lindquist

Project Manager


Technical Certificate – St. Paul Technical Vocational Institute
Emphasis in Architecture – University of Minnesota

Jim has 38 years of experience in municipal and county related repair and maintenance projects, along with private industry, housing and redevelopment projects. Jim’s work experience, dating back to 1977, includes existing conditions surveys, code research, design development, construction documents, project management, and construction administration.

Jim’s attention to detail and thorough knowledge of AutoCAD has allowed him to produce documents that communicate project design requirements well with both team members and clients, and to help make informed decisions on each project. Jim is deadline driven, allowing him to achieve the client’s project objectives, timelines, and budgets. In addition, Jim has 4 years’ experience as a construction inspector for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife.

Growing up, Jim followed in his older brother’s footsteps starting out in a drafting career. Being a big fan of Frank Lloyd Wright, he has always liked unique styles of houses from large to tiny and always wanted to create his own home style (like Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Prairie Style”).

Jim worked with his community for years while his sons were growing up coaching in multiple sports and volunteering at church from the time when his boys were small up until they were graduating from high school.

Jim finds his job very rewarding because he is involved with helping communities with trying to provide affordable housing for those in need. He enjoys working with Architects and Contractors trying to provide the best solutions with the finances available.

During the summer months, Jim enjoys riding his bicycle and motorcycle and hopes to travel more throughout the year. Jim also enjoys golfing with his friends and family. It is great that in golfing you are competing only with yourself, since his sons beat his scores.