The following describes areas of high level emphasis that Finn Daniels places on each project for each Client:

  • Finn Daniels ownership involvement with Client and their projects
  • Commitment to a consistent project management team
  • Existing conditions / site survey documentation
  • Landlord / Municipal / State / Health code review and requirements
  • Client communication and schedule coordination
  • Maintaining a current and accurate Template for design and construction drawings.
  • Coordinating evolution of Template to encompass necessary changes including new design ideas, updated building standards and new code requirements
  • Providing options and solutions for design based on site conditions and Client needs
  • Detailed and accurate construction drawings including review, final redline and verification of redline pickup
  • Review and coordination of consultant drawings including final redline and verification of redline pickup
  • Coordination of submittals
  • Construction administration
  • Meeting and surpassing expectations